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Kids Links

Purple banner with "A Maths Dictionary for Kids" with two red and green parrots.Visit this link for A Maths Dictionary for Kids – an animate, interactive online math dictionary for students.


Black lined paper with different colored spotlights on the words "AAA Math" with a pencil beside it.Visit this link for AAA MathKididdles – a comprehensive set of thousands of interactive arithmetic lessons.



Blue banner with the ABCya app and a smiling monkey.Visit this link for ABCya! – a website that provides free educational games for school-aged children.


The word Renaissance in blue fading to green.Visit this link for AR BookFinder to find the Accelerated Reader level and points for books.

Flag banner with the words, "Welcome to Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government."Visit this link for Ben’s Guide to US Government for Kids – designed to inform students, parents, and educators about the Federal government.



A yellow backpack hanging on the words, "Book Adventure."Visit this link for Book Adventure – an interactive reading management program with rewards for reading.




Multicolored hands with the words "Child Fun" after them.Visit this link for Child Fun – educational resources for parents, teacher, and child care providers.


White "A" with an orange middle and a black background with the words "Aizman Law Firm - DUI & Criminal Defense".Visit this link for Civics and Government for Kids: Lesson, Activities, and Guides – a resource for kids to learn about how the U.S. Government works.


DSO Kids written in different colors.Visit this link for Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids – a resource for musical fun and learning.



Blue background with white letters spelling "Fact Monster."Visit this link for Fact Monster – a resource for homework help.


The word "KIDiddles" in yellow balloon letters on a purple background.Visit this link for Kididdles – children’s songs with lyrics.


Three connected circles with faces in them with the words "Kids Know It Network" beside them.Visit this link for Kids Know It Network – a free resource for educational games, activities, worksheets, online classes, and much more.



The words "Kids' Zone, Learning with NCES" in orange and green on a blue and white background.Visit this link for Kids Zone for information to help you learn about schools, decide on a college, find a public library, play math games, and to learn interesting facts.



The word "Runner's" in blue and the word "World" in white within a blue box.Visit this link for KidsRunning – information for kids interested in running.


A drawing of a building with two columns and a green spot with the words "Library Spot" over both.Visit this link for the Library Spot – a free virtual library resource center for educators, students, parents, and community members.



Blue background with white font saying "".Visit this link for Math Drills which includes over 50,000 free math worksheets to help students learn math.


Blue background with four math signs in different colors and the words "Math Expression: Math Tutor Online - Videos, Tips & Practice."Visit this link for Math Expression – a free math tutoring online.


Blue and orange owl sitting on the words "NCWiseOwl, Spread Your Wings."Visit this link for NC WiseOwl – online resources for North Carolina students and teachers.




The word "NetSmartz" in orange and green with Nettie, Webster, and Clicky all waving.Visit this link for NetSmartzKids – a source for teaching children about internet safety.


The words "nick" in orange and "jr." in blue.Visit this link for Nick Jr. – a source for games and videos from Nick Jr.



A child's head with a thought bubble saying "PBS Kids" in a green circle on a yellow background.Visit this link for PBS Kids – a source for games and videos from PBS Kids.





The words "Primary Games" in white on a purple background with a yellow smiley face at the end.Visit this link for Primary Games – a site for online games for children to keep them entertained while learning.


The words "Renaissance Home Connect TM" in gray.Visit this link for Renaissance Home Connect which allows parents to stay up to date on their child’s Accelerated Reader progress.


Blue background with the words "" written in red and the Cat in the Hat's hat on top of the letter "e".Visit this link for Seussville – an interactive website for all of Dr. Seuss’ books and characters.



Four kids using different technology devices on a blue background with the words "Kids & Computer Security".Visit this link for Social Networking Sites: Safety Tips for Tweens and Teens for information from the Federal Trade Commission on social networking safety.



The word "Starfall" in blue with a yellow star at the end of the word.Visit this link for Starfall – a website to help teach children to read with phonics.


The words "Story Place, the Children's Digital Learning Library" in gold with purple outline on a blue background.Visit this link for Story Place – a children’s digital learning library from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.



The words "SAVE Promise Club: Students Against Violence Everywhere" in blue, orange, purple, and green with a green hand print beside the words.Visit this link for Students Against Violence Everywhere – a student-driven organization to learn about alternatives to violence and learn through communicy service projects.



A person in a space shuttle with the words "Welcome to Tech Kids: A Technology Education Lab for Youths".Visit this link for TechKids – a technology education lab for youth.



The word "Exploratorium" with the "o" very large.Visit this link for The Exploratorium – a public learning laboratory exploring the world through science, art, and human perception.



The words "Wacky Web Tales" in red on a white background.Visit this link for Wacky Web Tales – a place for silly tales for grades 3 and above.


A tornado with the words "Weather Wiz Kids" beside it.Visit this link for Weather Wiz Kids – a website geared to show kids the exciting world of weather.



The Merriam-Webster circle with a tag attached to it with the words "Word Central".Visit this link for Word Central Student Dictionary – online dictionary and thesaurus with games to help strengthen your vocabulary.


Five kids pointing to the words " The Latest Tech Knowledge on the Web!"Visit this link for 4Kids – the latest tech knowledge that shows how online learning can be safe, fun, and adventurous.

Published by Carla Brooks on August 1, 2019